Do You Offer Bulk Order Group Discounts?

Yes, please see our bulk prices here

I’d Like to Discuss a Custom Order / Special Request or 50+ person Order

If you have an order of 50+ or a large custom order, please visit our Contact Us page and put in the subject line “50+ or Custom Order” and give us details on exactly what you’re looking for and your budget and we’ll do our best to make it happen!

How long does shipping take?

The average is 14-16 days.

On average it take 4-5 days to complete your order and 5-7 for the postman. If your ID hasn’t arrived within 25 days of your order being placed we reship for free no questions asked.

**Very Important** If you’re moving addresses within 30 days, for example moving home from school and it’s less than a month before moving, please either order the express option as well or have your order sent to your new address.

Can I check on the status of my order?

If you’ve waited longer than 25 days, yes! If you’ve waited 8 days, NO!

How Exactly Do You Ship?

We ship product discreetly in envelopes, sometimes bubble mailers if it is a group order.  There is no markings on the outside to indicate the contents of the envelope.  Your privacy is our concern as well!

What Forms of payment do you accept?

We now accept crypto currencies including Bitcoin (BTC).  We accept payment via CashApp, LibertyX (7-11, CVS, RiteAid).  You can use your credit/debit card with CashApp and LibertyX.  We also accept Western Union + MoneyGram though there is a 15% surcharge for Western Union and Moneygram.  There is also a minimum purchase price of $130 when using Western Union and $70 for Moneygram.  Most debit and credit cards work with Western Union and Moneygram online or their app.  When you reach the checkout you will be prompted to select your payment method.

Do You Accept Gift Cards, Canadian E-transfer or Venmo?

Sadly we do not.

What is Western Union / Moneygram?

Please visit our Western Union FAQ for more info

Wait, what is a Bitcoin and how do I buy it?

Please find all you need to know about bitcoins here

Why should I buy from you?

We strive for two things:
#1 100% customer satisfaction.
#2 The finest replica ID’s that your money can buy.

We take pride in making our ID’s so close to the real thing that you can’t tell the difference. We’ve been doing this for quite a while. Our experience means quality. With us you’ll receive a top quality product, stealth shipping and top notch customer service.

Do The ID’s Scan?

YES! The barcodes on the back of the ID’s have all been properly programmed to the information that you provide us. We guarantee this feature.  You can even try them out for yourself!!

Do your ID’s have UV?

Yes. All of our ID’s have the appropriate color and UV to match the state you’ve ordered. Please see our example photos on the product you’re interested in.

Do you have holos?

Yes. All of our holos are professionally printed overseas and applied using care and attention to make sure there are no air bubbles.

What if there’s a mistake on my ID?

We keep all orders on file for 30 days. If the mistake is ours we will happily correct it and reship for free. If the mistake is yours we might correct it for free or we might charge a $20 edit, it depends on the workload that week. The $20 covers our production team’s time, we don’t make any profit off of your mistake.

What is a Bitcoin and how do I buy it?

Please find all you need to know about bitcoins here.

What currency are your prices?

Our prices are all in USD to BTC. You can check the current exchange rate here:

How do you ship the ID’s?

We ship the ID’s discreetly. There are no markings on the package to indicate that you have ordered a novelty ID.

Are you from China?

NO! We ship from North America. We guarantee 100% arrival of your order in a timely fashion.

Do you send status updates and tracking numbers?

No.  This isn’t Uber Eats or Amazon Prime.  You place your order, we make your order and we ship your order.  It is very simple and it works.

Is this legal?

In most places owning or having a novelty ID is perfectly legal. Using a novelty ID to break the law is of course illegal.

Will I get into X Bar or Nightclub using your ID?

We do not offer advice on using fake ids.

Should I put a blue background for my photo?

No. Please follow the photo taking guide here: How to take a good ID Photo

The things to remember are:

1 – Have a lot of lighting in the room.

2 – We don’t care what shoes you’re wearing, chest up.

3 – Light or white backdrop behind you.

4 – Make sure your photo isn’t a fuzzy mess.  2mb max size but we gotta be able to zoom in on your face to edit.  Try to keep your hair neat if you can.

How do I submit a signature?

Get a fine tipped sharpie, aka a felt tipped pen.  Not a normal pen, and not a thick sharpie.  Now sign a sheet of paper, like you’re signing a contract, now take a photo of that.  Easy!

What about issue date / expiry dates?

We format all license numbers, expiry and issue dates in accordance with the specific state.

What do you do with my information?

It is kept on file for 30 days in case edits or reprints are needed. All information is stored on a separate hard drive which is completely reformatted once a month.

Other websites are cheaper. Why not go with them?

Listen, you don’t have to use us. In fact if you don’t that’s totally ok (of course we would rather you did!!) but we just don’t want you to get scammed. Please, please, please, go to and click on the trusted vendors list on the right hand side of the page. If the vendor you’re thinking about using isn’t there, search in the search bar. This forum is designed to help people from being defrauded.

Do You Ship To Dorms / P.O Boxes?

Yes, no issues whatsoever!

Do You Ship Internationally?

Yes, please allow an extra 7-14 days for delivery but normal post shipping is included with all orders.

Did My Payment Go Through?

If you sent it, then it went through. The payment system can take up to 45mins to verify the transaction so please just be patient, and check your junkmail / spam filter 🙂

Can I Pay Extra for Express Shipping?

Yes, this will not affect the date it ships out on but if you pay for express it will ship in an express envelope (North America Only).  This typically saves 4-7 days of transit time.  Add express shipping here

My ID Feels different compared to my real one?

Different state’s IDs have a different thickness and are made out of different material. Some ID’s are made from teslin, PVC or polycarbonate. Each material has a different thickness. Our ID’s match the exact real life thickness (24mm 27mm 30mm) of the state ordered. If you order an ID from a different state, don’t be alarmed if it’s slightly thinner or thicker than your real one as this is often the case. If you’d like to learn more, please google ‘pvc vs teslin IDs’ for more info.

Still have questions? Please drop us a line! Contact us